There are a few tricks to making life on a computer easier after a brain injury.  One trick will work on most Windows based computers/programs and helps to remedy problems caused by vision deficits.  To increase the size of items on your computer’s display, simply click the mouse so the cursor is somewhere on the screen and then hold down the Control key while rolling forward the scroll wheel on top of the mouse.  This will allow you to greatly increase the size of items shown on your computer’s monitor.  For instance, I can increase the size of icons on my computer’s desktop from roughly 1 square inch to 4 square inches with this simple method.  To shrink enlarged items, simply follow the above instructions but roll the wheel backwards.  This method works on diverse programs such as Internet Explorer and all Microsoft Office applications but does not cause any kind of damage or permanent changes to work being done in those programs.  I hope this little trick can help you or a loved one make computer use more pleasant if this is a problem that’s been encountered.

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